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Opium 02 September 2006, Prevesh & me

Hemisphere 30 September 2006, Prevesh & me

M-Bar, one of my favourites!!! By the way "M"= my or Marlen's

These pics are taken in the girl's bathroom of the Metropolitain Hotel's Bar & Restaurant - what a nice place to spend an evening!

Obviously, Georgie has the same opinion...

Opium 10 October 2006, Ivonne & Aveen

Opium 07 October 2006, Prevesh & me

PT & me

My sweet Housemate Lena from Switzerland & PT's friend.


 Cubana, 18. November 2006, Georgie, Sven, Prevesh and me

OK, next Party Pics'll follow in 2007!  See you!


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