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Lower Level ...where I make my food (In case I'm not dining out )

Lower Level ...Where I sometimes eat and often sit & chat to my housemates...

Lower level ...where lots of guests sleep, where I sometimes watched news or DVD and where our housemaid Aventia enjoys her breakfast ...

...where I get up or down and where some people almost brake their feet while falling up or down (watch your alcohol consumtion) ...

Upper level ... Where I do not sleep :-)... my & georgie's room is even bigger and much brighter (sunny side) & we have the patio!!!!!! But this room is as cosy as ours as well!!

Uli and our terrace ...where I often enjoy the sun... where you can have a nice time now and then with some music, some liquor from the KWV, a nice chat and some special things from Jens

...amazing view to Table Mountan & Devil's Peak

VILLA RENZI, I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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