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Dining Out

What do you do if there is a prawn special (1 kg) and a sushi special (16 pieces) in the restaurant you are sitting in with your boyfriend and you can’t decide????? Well, you take both! And what do you do when you are actually stuffed after you finished the sushi and the prawns are still coming? Well, you just eat and enjoy?! And what do you do, if your and your boyfriend’s dining-out often ends like that? I can tell you: Back in Germany I’m going to fast for at least one week!
Actually it was a nice evening and I really like the BELUGA (a former foundry, walls left as they are, made of red brick, a very nice place!)


Some of my other favourite restaurants are the Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen in Mill Street/ Gardens, the Ocean Basket in Kloof Street, the Buena Vista Social Club in Main Road/ Greenpoint and the Blowfish Sushi Bar in Dolphin Beach Bloubergstrand.

Buena Vista, Blowfish, Source:

I also love the Take away from Kauai and the Bukhara in Stellenbosch!

Bukhara, Source:

After that we checked the RAFIKI’S 35-meter long balcony and had a starter – no question: calamari! Tasty! And I can really recommend the berry daiquiry!!!!!!!!!! “Rafiki's is a place where friends meet up with old and new friends, a place where the vibe is relaxed, down-to-earth and chilled.[…] The menu […] consists of easy going food. Rafiki's is famous for their great wood-oven pizza's (tip of the day: Try the Afghan Surprise pizza), their chili poppers (a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cheese, deep fried) and last but certainly not least their prawn special.” (source: )I probably have forgotten a dozen other adorable places like Haiku, Pigalle/ Greenpoint, Saigon on Kloof, the Mexican Kitchen on Long Street, Cape Town Fish Market and Balduccis Sushi Bar in V&A WF, a very nice Pizzeria where I forgot the name as well as the place, the Cubana/ Green Point, Spur Salad Bar, African Café, Mama Africa on Long, Hatfield’s/ Gardens!

Pigalle Greenpoint, Source:

What do you do if you are going to leave a wonderful city in one and a half weeks and there are still even more wonderful restaurants you want to visit?? Restaurant Hopping!! So yesterday Georgie and me skipped plans to go to gym and left our house at 6:15 to tick off some restaurants from our “wish-list”.
First was MARCO’S, a nice African restaurant similar to the Mama Africa or the African Cafe. We had both a cocktail there plus a horrible beer from the townships. Tastes like skilly sour oat soup. Baeh!

Rafiki's on Kloof, Source:

Next on our list was the FORK. A new place in long street opposite the purple turtle backpackers. “This innovative new little restaurant offers up a fresh spin on fine dining. Expect a fusion of contemporary European cuisine with a unique South African twist. Food is served in small portions, meant to be shared with friends. […] Tables are adorned with thick, checkered, dishcloth-style serviettes and (in keeping with the restaurant's name) there are no knives in sight. All the dishes come in fork-sized portions and the wines are innovatively grouped according to region.” (source: ). Here we sat for about 2 hours and really enjoyed the evening. Therefore was so late late our forth location just closed when we arrived, the new Chill out bar we can see from our gym.

FORK, Source:

A tired as we have been we drove home, still the new Ice Lounge (everything made of Canadian Ice: Tables, Bar, Chairs, Staff J), the Portugese Tavern, a Seafood Restaurant in Sea Point and the Mount Nelson Hotel Cocktail Bar left…

When you want to check more Restaurants, just visit or –for more specific information to a choice of restaurants -

By the way, also very special and extremely tasty is DINING IN!

Prevesh’s and Natasha’s Moms as well as Natasha cook very good Indian food. I love it! Spicy and hot seafood, hmmm!



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