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Gratis bloggen bei

My last evening in the Cubana/ Greenpoint... A lot of my friend came, thanks!!!!

Tired as I was, I left quiet early with Prevesh. I had to get up at about 5:15 in the morning. After 2.5 hours of sleep I really felt tired and I had a funny feeling in my stomach. Shame. My last minutes with PT...

Georgie met us at the airport, to say farewell (only for some months, of course ). This feels really heavy, like something pulling your heart down... Tears are coming into my eyes when thinking of that (... I can here the „Pure Acoustic CD playing in the kitchen...). It is so damn hard to say good bye to so wonderful people, to such a wonderful place... even if it is supposed to be only for four or five months...

...It was really strange... On my way to SA, I cried a lot at the airport and managed to calm down in the plane. This time I managed to hardly cry at the airport but I started criying in the plane. I just couldn't stop it?! Even when I landed in Frankfurt, I cried again! I dreamed of my roommate Georgie and very often of Prevesh in the plane, crazy... sweet sweet sweet dreams!

It is nice to see my parents. They fetched me from the airport. BIg big thank you!!! They've been too late because my dad's company car goes out when he's driving faster than 120 km/h?! Crazy! And actually quite dangerous. But we arrived in Jena... and it's nice to see our sweet little nasty Cockateel Charly! My brother is still in Nuernberg for military service, I'll see him on Friday. And it's wonderful to have my room back.

In my bed, on Sunday evening, I felt so lonely. Neither a Georgie in my room nor a Prevesh in my bed, shame, and still so many months to go... I miss you! My first thought yesterday morning when I woke up was of Prevesh. Then I immediately started crying again. Man man man! I think of him half the day, the whole Monday I had a funny feeling in my stomach. I don't like that feeling, when you miss somebody or something so much. You can hardly concentrate on anything... Luckily I do not work at the moment... wouldn't be very efficient...

Today I was in the city center. A funny feeling. Everything feels very familiar, but not like home?! I think I left my heart in Cape Town. Really, I expected to feel different back here, more like I am back. Well, funny.

Jena seems to be small now. This is so strange! I never expected it to be like that!!!? But It was great to have a walk without worrying about anything! On Monday, it was relatively warm and the sun was shining. A wonderful welcome! Today it's grey and chilly. But actually not as cold as I expected. I really enjoyed the chilly air. The smell is different. I can smell autumn, almost winter, here. That's wonderful! And I don't need 5 minutes now to open and close the door(s) when I want to leave or come back! But I have to say, I really got used to that always-be-careful-sign in my head. The feeling in Germany is totally different. The people are very nice and friendly, but in a different way. Shame. Already at the Airport, actually already in the plane, I could see the difference, when peole spoke to each other. But I can't describe it. They are nice but different...

I only gained one Kilo weight. Yesterday when I put my stuff into my cupboard, I tried some of my other tightest clothes. They all still fit?! Cool. Gym really did it's job!!!!

I'm listening to Prevesh's and Kim's Cds the whole time! Jamiroquai's „You give me something“ makes me cry, always! Even when I listen to this song 6 times in a row!? I AM SAD!!!!!!!!!!! Kim's CD "Pure Acouistic“ remebers me of tours with my housemate Georgie in her car and of the morning when my housemate Jens swiched on the hifi extremely loud! We had such a FANTASTIC time!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Yesterday I was busy with washing, cleaning, sorting my stuff out etc. This took a while!! This morning (at 8:15 a.m!!!) I had a nice breakfast with my favourite colleagues in a Hotel in the center - an renovated Wine house! A very nice place! And still ok to book a week for two people in very interesting decorated rooms! The breakfast was 7,50 EUR! This is pretty OK for a breakfast Jena! In the Mug&Bean about 3 people could have breakfast for this money?! Now I am sitting here with my (kind of) fish curry in the moment. Hm, tasty! My mother gave me basmati rice, tamarinde paste and curry powder as a present. Cute, eh? I already checked some books for indian kitchen. Me and a cook book, how exciting!

Later I'll go to the Mexican Restaurant (happy hour by six p.m.) and then to cinema. First movie'll be the one with the farmer (got bad critiques in SA but, well, let's see) and secondll be the Burat Movie. Cool, I'm looking forward to see Jens-Uwe. I need to see some close friends to feel mor like home! Thursday I'll go for Sushi with my colleague Kristin like we always did on Thursdays. Sadly, Jena doesn't have a real sushi bar where the stuff is passing by and you can choose what you want to eat. Actually Sushi is a Wednesday-Prevesh-Marlen-Thing now! Hm.

Wednesday and Thursday night is Kassablanca time!!!!! Dancing dancing dancing!!!! Let's see what happenes on the weekend... Sometimes,my friends are quiet lazy (or they have just other interests)!

I had about 3 kg of post! (I bought my mom a bunch of flowers today, to say thanks).

I still had 400 Rand in my suitcase! Nowbody at the airport took it out?! So I have a nice financial start when I comae back! :-))))) I also keep my prepaid card, it only expires in November 2008.

I miss my sweet Mercedes SLK with my even more sweet driver!!!!!!

(My hair is totally damaged. I have to get it alive again! :-) . Some ideas?)

Big kisses and hugs!



21. November 2006


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