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A wonderful Sunday!!!! We've been outside the whole day...

Goegie and me went to Kloof Street's Mugg&Bean to have breakfast. We sat outside to enjoy the fresh summer air and the warm bright sun... What a relaxing morning! I love that!!!

Prevesh joined us later. What an even more wonderful morning!!! :-)Georgie left to pick up Kerstin, I drove with Prevesh to Signal Hill to enjoy the amazing view! I love the sunlight reflecting on the water. Looks like silver... We met Sudhir there, a friend, enjoying Cape Town with a brand new Audi RS4! Peolpe, I can tell you, avery nice car (even though the colour is yellow...). We met with Georgie and Kertin at Groot Constatia, a wonderful large Winery, 15 minutes drive from the city bowl, with an amazing countryside around. Made for romantic movie scenes!!!!!



Prevesh & me

...a very nice restaurant at the train station in St James where you could sit outside,enjoying the ocean and the sun... and tasty Pizza and Savannah...

Cheers, See you soon!


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